In a few days we may open our swap but in the mean while I will let you see where I create everything.
You can see the living table where I do everything. My sewing machine and some things that I always use ar standing on the closet. I don’t have a sewing room yet so I need to unpack my sewing machine every time.


This is my closet where all my fabrics are stored. As you can see here in the front I have a lot of different fabrics. Behind those are the same amount of fabrics I don’t use often (sky, winterfabrics, silk, organza,…)


And here I store my books, overlock and buttons. It is too much to store at one place I am afraid. But I know I will never get rid of buttons that I could use.

Now I have one question for you. Where do you get your projects done? Is it in a real sewing room or do you have to manage it with something similar to my sewing place?


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