30 days 30 details


I give you my first vieuw on the challenge that I am going to do. I will try to keep it all with sewing or amigurumi but don’t shoot me if I take a picture of something else sometimes. Here are the pictures from 27/8 unthilk today 2/9.
Ik geef jullie de eerste foto’s van de challenge. Normaal altijd haken, breien of naaien mar soms zal er wel eens iets tussen zitten dat er niet met te maken heeft dus schiet me niet af. De foto’s van 27/8 tot 2/9:


my favorite fdabric turned into a lovely dress


a fabric that I am working with today…what it will be you will see later


fabric to make something beautiful


love the ribbon on this unique piece


you all know what it is…it is the little baby


my first leson pattern making…no need to say that I realy need to studdy what they mean


mesurements that I took today

Greetings and let me see your 30days30details


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