give away: traveling pattern pyramid


The traveling pattern pyramid has arrived in Belgium.
For those who doesn’t know what it is it is started by Karen from didyoumakethat. She has sent a few boxes around the world with patterns in it. Then the people who received it choses 1 pattern out and send it back into the world so at the end a lot of people received a pattern. Somme people take more but they also add patterns so the total outcome is still 1.

So far this box has been to many places. It started in London UK then this box went to Melbourne Australia, Philadelphia USA, Seatle USA, Wellington New Zealand, Edinburgh Schotland, Montreal Canada, Boston USA, Seatle USA, Berkeley USA, San Antonio USA, Leicester UK, Reading UK, London UK, Isle of Wight UK, Essex UK, Wirral UK, Frankfurt Germany and then finally to me here in Belgium

Now what I picked out are those patterns:

I just love the Vogue dress pattern. It is so simple but still classy. I know that I have to alter the pattern but I just needed it. The other is a more classic look from sewstylish. And here I just love the top and cardigan. The rules are that you can only pick one so I traded one for this lovely pattern
This is from NewLook and I just love all those different dresses but I have made a few different combinations so if I ever want to make one of those again I simply take out that pattern. But There are a lot more patterns where this came from

I think you will find something that is right for you.

So If you want to win this pyramid you have to do a few things for me.

  • You have to leave a message bellow and leave a link to your blog behind.
  • You will have to have a give away so the pyramid will travel more.
  • You live in this world (I can not send to the space šŸ˜‰ )

So good luck guys and do not forget to participate when you want to see what is in the traveling pattern pyramid



12 thoughts on “give away: traveling pattern pyramid

    • I really Love it. I only need the time now to create it šŸ˜‰ but first things first ofc I need to make a gift and send it before 6/12 so let us do that first and then I will make something from that sewstylish pattern. I love the whole outfit so it is going to be difficult to chose, and I want to create a dress for the hollidays where I look just perfect in but … you know I only got 24 h a day so it will take me a while


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