Little purces and animals


Ik heb een tijdje geleden een paar bandwerkjes gedaan zodat ik het binnenkort gemakkelijker heb. Ik heb 2 kleine tasjes gemaakt (de tilly vanuit mijn tas) en 4 knuffels (vanuit knutselbos op wereldreis en feest in het knutselbos).
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3 times a boddy


My son needed a new body and there where 2 girls that needed a little gift for their birth. So I looked into the burda’s until I found this lovely body. First I made one for my son. To see how it fits everything.
Mijn zoon had een nieuwe boddy nodig en er waren 2 meisjes die nog op hun geboortecadeautje wachte. Dus ik maakte een paar mooie boddy’s. Eerst eentje voor mijn zoon om te zien hoe alles viel.

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Accordion dog

Hello everyone,

My eldest son is going to basketball school and I have to wait for 90 minutes untill we can go home. So I have started a ‘little’ project to do when I have to wait. I have found a pattern to make a ‘accordion dog’ and found it so cute that I had to make it. It took me a while but it is finally finished. My two boys find it very cute and my husband sed that I had to keep it. So he likes it to. The pattern is in Dutch but if there are some people interested in then I translate it in English. Here you can find it in Dutch. And here is the russian (original) version.

Greetings and enjoy the pictures of my dog.

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