Santa swap


Ik heb meegedaan met de sintswap en heb een zeer leuke swap gekregen. Helaas heb ik niet alles op tijd af gekregen dus is het in twee keer verzonden geweest. En heb ik te laat opgemerkt dat er in 1 dingetje een foutje is gelopen. Maar dit kan altijd gebeuren natuurlijk.
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It is Baby time


I got 2 baby cards in 2 days. Those are from friend who would normally have their baby’s with 1 month in between but now they got them within 4 days of each other. The first one is a girl where I made the little set bellow for. It is a hat, pants (size 56) and bib. And the second one is a boy and there I have made this set for. A hat, bib, jumpsuit (size 56) and shoes. He is a premature now and he is doing well. He can where size 50 but it is still a bit to big for now. I wish both of the little ones good luck with their lifes and I hope that they will enjoy their stuff.
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What I have created this holliday


This holiday I had the time to create some little things and here is a quick review of them. Those will be the last pictures of end results only. After this I hope that all of my posts will have pictures of how to create them with patterns you can buy or sometimes you get them free on the internet. But I will say what it is when I give the tutorial.

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