Sewing for man


Ik heb eindelijk begonnen aan iets voor mijn vriend te maken. Hij vroeg achter een lekker warme en zachte pyjama en ik heb dus een lekker warme stof gevonden. Hiermee heb ik van de chess sweater en Marvin jogging een pyjama gemaakt. Beide patronen vanuit een La Maison victor. Volgende keer moet ik de pijpen van de pyjama langs onder iets breder maken maar voor de rest is hij perfect.
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I have a pattern for `retroshorts` for my youngest son. I now have made 2 of them. The only problem is that the eldest run away with one and would not give them back. No problem but they are a bit to small for my 5 year old son. When they go into the laundry I will put them into the right closet. Let the boys have their fun now. The pattern is brindille & twig retro shorts.
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It is Baby time


I got 2 baby cards in 2 days. Those are from friend who would normally have their baby’s with 1 month in between but now they got them within 4 days of each other. The first one is a girl where I made the little set bellow for. It is a hat, pants (size 56) and bib. And the second one is a boy and there I have made this set for. A hat, bib, jumpsuit (size 56) and shoes. He is a premature now and he is doing well. He can where size 50 but it is still a bit to big for now. I wish both of the little ones good luck with their lifes and I hope that they will enjoy their stuff.
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