Give away: Winner


I have here the winners of the 2 give away’s.

The first one who gets the traveling pattern pyramide is Tania from taniastayspositive.

The second one who gets the pattern of there choise is majella. She shoses the NewLook pattern.

So to both of you congratulations and let me know where I have to send it to.

Greetings to you all


give away: traveling pattern pyramid


The traveling pattern pyramid has arrived in Belgium.
For those who doesn’t know what it is it is started by Karen from didyoumakethat. She has sent a few boxes around the world with patterns in it. Then the people who received it choses 1 pattern out and send it back into the world so at the end a lot of people received a pattern. Somme people take more but they also add patterns so the total outcome is still 1.

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SaSiBeau give away

I held a give away at my other blog and now is the day that i give my lovly creation away. It is a Plesiosaurus. Here are the foto’s from him before he went on his trip to his new home with Angelleke. Lets hope they will enjoy the little one.


Ik heb een give away gedaan op de vorige blog en Angelleke is de gelukkige winnaar. Laten we hopen dat de Pleisiosaurus zich goed amuzeert bij haar.


op de buik


op de rug


detailfoto van t snoetje